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Wisdom From the Great Spce Buddha

Don’t trust anyone who tells you you're weird.

To be ‘godly’ all you have to do is focus on something creative, be kind to everyone & wash your hands a lot.

Is it good luck or good judgement? Bad luck or bad judgement?

When people are being rude af, always do your best to ignore them & behave better than them.

When people love each other, they aren’t fuck-holes all the time.

You can only be what you are.

If you’re afraid people will *think* you’re X, you are X.

Things are only weird when you’re weird about them.

Kindness bothers jerks just about as much as anything else does.

Focus on yourself, yes, but realize there are other people in your life for a reason.

When you put any hatred in your heart *even if toward yourself*, your aura begins to reek.

Your power issues say a lot about you and us.

If you think you’re the alpha dog, I'll bet you’re probably just a little weiner.

If you’re scared of a woman dominating you, you need her to.

If someone you love keeps you from something you love, they don’t love you.

When you build walls between people socially, you’re being a politician.

If you’re just creating a clique, you’re not doing anything important.

The scene is mean, unless you conform to it.

You’re better off being yourself, unless your actual self sucks.

Artists who put themselves in competition with other artists are practicing the dark arts.

If you're truly creative, you're inspired.

Lots of energy isn’t always good energy-- be careful.

If we share our strengths, we would be a lot stronger.

If you’re mostly concerned with the status quo, you’ll get stuck in it.

Everything on this earth would be a lot more fun if humans would just stop squabbling for power.

People got you down? Strive for better.